Q: Can I drop my kids off?
A: No. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Q: Can I touch the actors/will the actors touch me?
A: No. The live actors will not touch you, and we ask you to also refrain from touching them.
Q: Is merchandise available?
A: Yes! Both locations have plenty of merchandise options.
Q: Can I take photos or videos?
A. No. Photography and videography are strictly prohibited.
Q: Can I bring outside food and drink?
A: No. For your convenience, local food trucks will be stationed at our east side location. The west side location is conveniently close to the mall food court.
Q: Can I smoke inside the attraction?
A: No. Both our locations are smoke-free.
Q: Will there be strobe lights?
A: Yes. There are many strobe lights and fog throughout the entire haunted house. This attraction is not recommended for people with epilepsy. We recommend that those with asthma or heart issues, as well as pregnant women, consult their doctor before entering the attraction.
Q: How much does parking cost?
A: We've got plenty of free parking options available!
Q: Can I come in costume?
A: We do not allow full costumes, face makeup or props at either of our locations.
Q: Will the attractions be the same as they were last year?
A: No. We redesign our attractions each year to keep things fresh and frightening. Some audience favorites may be incorporated, but the experience as a whole is different every year.