Spine-Chilling Fun
for the Fearless

Mark your calendar for a Halloween must-do

It's a Frighteningly Fun Time

Get Ready...for Twice The Terror! Two Frightening Experiences...Double The Horror, Double The Screams!

The Haunted Houses of Terror and KLAQ bring to you El Paso's longest-running HAUNTED HOUSE! With over 26 years of experience, this year's Haunted Houses of Terror will send many screaming for the door...but will they make it! For those too SCARED to enter..... We invite you to visit ...The largest HALLOWEEN HAUNTED MARKET around featuring the finest artisans, food trucks!! We invite you to experience a unique one of a kind Halloween experience.


Attendees will be immersed in real-life survival horror!!! With your ticket, you'll be given an Orbeez Gel Gun to hunt and make your way out a maze of demented and diabolical zombies. As they will be waiting to imprison you in a state of CATATONIC FEAR!!!


The most terrifying HAUNT to date! The halls of the Devil's Asylum have imprisoned...the evilest of evil. Attendees are warned...to enter at their own risk.

Even the Bravest
Test Their Courage Here

We've worked with famous horror creators
to bring you the scariest possible attractions

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Any occasion is a good time to get spooked

Why are humans drawn to horror? What makes us crave the creepy? Perhaps no one knows for sure, but what we do know is that The Haunted Houses of Terror is the perfect place for:

  • An exciting date night
  • A new family tradition
  • A fun group outing

Make plans to visit us this year for a spine-chilling good time.

A single ticket gets you into everything

At The Haunted Houses of Terror, you'll get to experience five (or more!) attractions at one low price.
You should visit our east or west side location if you want to:

Explore over 2,000 square feet of terror throughout various themed areas

Climb inside a coffin to experience the frightful sensation of being buried alive

Dare to enter the creepy auditoriums in a haunted movie

Contact us now for details on ticket pricing.