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Unveiling the Ultimate Terror The KLAQ Haunted Houses of Terror Returns

Prepare yourselves for a spine-tingling journey into the darkest corners of your fear as The Haunted Houses of Terror, in collaboration with KLAQ, proudly presents El Paso's longest-running haunted house experience. With an impressive 29-year legacy of sending thrill-seekers racing for the exits, this year promises to be our most bone-chilling yet.

But here's the twist - we're doubling the terror! Two hauntingly horrifying experiences await you, bringing with them double the screams, and double the heart-pounding nightmares. The Haunted Houses of Terror and KLAQ are excited to announce the expansion of our spin-chilling empire, with our original Eastside location at 13900 Montana Ave. and our newest location 750 Sunland Park Dr. The Shoppes at Solana. This year's Haunted Houses of Terror will have you questioning whether you'll ever make it out alive!

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